On the 7th October 2014 we were visited by an OFSTED inspector. The inspection went well and we are pleased to report that we continue to be rated as an OUTSTANDING Pre-school. According to the report:

  • Teaching is outstanding because staff make accurate assessments of children’s progress and use these to plan stimulating activities that enable them to achieve exceptionally well, given their starting points and capabilities.
  • Leadership and management are outstanding. The well- established staff team are highly motivated by the manager, who works closely with them to inspire the drive for continuous improvement. Highly effective self-evaluation enables staff to rapidly identify and consistently improve their already first rate practice.
  • Children’s safety is extremely well promoted because staff continually encourage their understanding of personal safety and give safeguarding the highest priority. Children are consistently learning about how to keep themselves and their peers safe, as they learn how to assess risks in the areas of the Pre-school that they use on a daily basis.
  • Children form very positive relationships with staff and firm friendships with their peers. Staff work extremely hard to promote strong bonds and attachments with children and their families, from the day they start at the setting. Children’s self-confidence and independence are exceptionally well promoted and all children show extremely high levels of concentration.
  • Partnerships with parents, carers and others are outstanding and enhance all aspects of children’s overall care and well-being. Parents are very highly involved in the Pre-school and speak highly of the staff commitment to promoting their children’s learning and development. As a result, children receive a consistent approach to their learning.

We were very pleased with the outcome of this report and want to say well done to all the staff and Committee members who voluntarily do a lot to help out at the setting and support us financially.