Key Information

Opening Times and Sessions

Monday 8.50am – 12pm Morning session
12pm – 1pm Lunch club
12pm – 3pm Afternoon session
Tuesday 8.50am – 12pm Morning session
12pm – 1pm Lunch club
12pm – 3pm Afternoon session
 Wednesday 8.50am – 12pm Morning session
12pm – 1pm Lunch club
12pm – 3pm Afternoon session
Thursday 8.50am – 12pm Morning session
12pm – 1pm  Lunch club
12pm – 3pm  Afternoon session
 Friday 8.50am – 12pm  Morning session
  12pm – 1pm  Lunch club
  12pm – 3pm  Afternoon session

Buttercups take children from two years up to the age of five (i.e. starting School)

Children three years and above can attend any of our sessions. Children under three generally attend morning sessions i.e. up to 12pm, but they can stay in the afternoons.

Places are prioritised to children of three years and over. At busy times Buttercups may introduce a maximum number of places in each session for children under the age of three (this enables the staff to give the right level of attention to the younger children without compromising the older children).

Please note that all our sessions are flexible, for example, children aged three and above can attend morning, morning and lunch, afternoon (including lunch), or a full day. We find that a full day can sometimes be too much for some younger children but each child is different, so please discuss your individual requirements with us.

We also provide additional flexibility to parents and carers needs as children can be dropped off and picked up at any time during the day. For example, on Tuesday afternoons a number of parents picked up their children at 2.30pm, this allowed them to go direct to the village ballet class.

For longer hours the Meadow Out of School Club (who operate in the same building as the Pre-school) takes Pre-school children before and after our sessions, i.e. from 7.45 am to 8.50am and after 3pm. If you want to take advantage of longer sessions please talk to us about it and we can provide you with more information.

Fees and Funding

The Buttercups committee agrees the level of fees in the summer for the following academic year. The following fees are applicable for 2017/18.

During the morning session, nutritional snacks are provided for all of the children at a suggested cost of 30p per day.

Fees for 2018/19

over 3
Children under 3*
Charges for a 3 hour session
i.e. 8.50 am – 12pm or 12pm – 3pm
£13.50 £15.00
Charge for a full day
i.e. 8.50 am – 3pm
£27.00 £30.00
Charge per hour
i.e. 12pm – 1pm
£4.50 £5.00

* Children under 3 until the term after they turn 3

Fees are payable for each term. Parents/carers will be invoiced at the start of each term for the whole term. We accept payment via Childcare vouchers.

A child’s attendance at the group is conditional upon continued payment of any fees.

Fees are still payable when a child is absent due to holidays or sickness.

The Buttercups committee will try and accommodate all family circumstances and a flexible payment/instalment system can easily be arranged. Our Fees policy provides further information regarding fees and payment.

Nursery Education Funding

Funded 3’s & 4’s

All children are currently eligible to receive Nursery Education Funding from the term after they turn three years old. For term time claims up to 15 hours can be claimed per child per week and these hours can be claimed at more than one setting.

Some working families are eligible for an extra 15 hours a week of free childcare this is called Extended Entitlement. Parents need to check their eligibility for the extra 15 hours a week, this can be done on the Childcare Choices website. A link for this can be found under our Useful Information page.

Eligible children will receive a form to be completed and returned to the Pre-school. It is important that these are returned promptly so that the pre-school can apply for the funding. If you have any queries regarding the Nursery Education Funding please do not hesitate to the Admissions and Finance Officer.

Funded 2’s

The setting is registered to provide care and education to parents/carers in receipt of funded two funding.

If you think you may be eligible to receive such funding please contact the local Children’s Centre in Linton, or contact our Admissions and Finance Officer.

Enrolment and Admissions

We take admissions throughout the year and allocate places in accordance with our Admissions policy. If we cannot offer you a place when you apply we will put your application on a waiting list and contact you once a place becomes available.

To apply please contact us to discuss your requirements, we will then send you our application form, the form is also available below.  Completed admissions forms should be returned to Buttercups Community Pre-school, the address is noted on the application form. Completed forms will be passed on to our Admissions and Finance Officer who will contact you regarding a place for your child.   We request that you arrange a visit to come and visit the pre-school before accepting a place, so you are happy that we can provide the right environment for you and your child. To arrange a visit to our pre-school please contact the Pre-school Lead Practitioner (Kirsty)
on 01223 894608, or e-mail

A copy of our Admissions and Waiting List policy is available from the setting

Buttercups application form

Term dates

For 2018/19 we are open the same days as the Meadow School, Balsham.

2018/19 Term Dates

2019/20 Term Dates

New Parent Letters

Starting Pre-school can be a worrying process for parents/carers and their children. Please speak to us if you have any concerns or worries.

When you start at Pre-school it is important to know what to bring etc. The attachment below provides you with more of the day to day practicalities at our setting.

New parents letter