Buttercups believes that whilst our children are learning they should have the opportunity to blossom and shine and have a happy day every day.

We are a community-based Pre-school, located within the Meadow School, Balsham, South Cambridgeshire.

We take children from 2 up to starting school.

We take funded 2’s and 3’s and provide flexible sessions.

We have links with the Meadow School and the Meadow Out of School Club.

What our parents say

”The staff are exceptionally friendly and welcoming, always greeting me and my children with a smile.┬áThe room is always set up with exciting and fun looking activities that my children are quick to explore. Every time I’ve picked them up their faces are beaming with smiles and they are happy to tell me all about their day.”

”Buttercups has now provided both of our children with a safe supportive and well resourced environment in which to complete their pre-school education. We are very grateful for the well thought out topics and activities you have shared with our son, you have engaged him in each area of learning and development and we can see this through his advances in speech and understanding and the positive things he tells us about his time at Buttercups.”

”Thank you all for giving my son such a fun filled and extremely happy time at pre-school. Everyday he is happy and enthusiastic about coming. His confidence has increased hugely. The love, kindness and support from all is wonderful.”

”My child has been fantastically prepared for his transition to school and has been encouraged to expand on his academic abilities throughout his time at Buttercups. The parent/carer links are fantastic and we loved getting all the newsletters and summaries of his day. We shall be very sad to leave.”

”We asked our son what he likes about Buttercups and he said everything. We asked him to be specific and he said I like playing with the dinosaurs, playing outside and drawing .. I like everything. I asked is there anything about Buttercups you don’t like? He said no.”